David C. Young is a printmaker and graphic designer who has maintained a studio in northern California since 1989. Focused primarily on the relief printing of wood block and lino block, his printmaking is blending the years spent as a watercolor painter and professional graphic designer. The results are expressions of quality time in the art studio.  None of this could ever have happened without the life long support and encouragement from his wife and fellow artist Laurie Freeman Young.


I am an artist. My grandfather was an artist in the traditional sense, creating movie posters for the cinema long before studios provided them. I practiced my craft over the years, never as much as I should and never as much as I wanted to. Enough, though, to begin to be able to communicate with line and shadow, color and texture on a simple piece of paper.
There is an elusive place I try and go to where the world is calm and waiting for me to work in my studio. There, I don't feel the pressure to make something beautiful but rather I hope to show you how I feel about that beauty, and it flows out of me without my thinking too much or trying too hard.
I am drawn to subjects that are angular and geometrical with highly contrasted darks and lights. I am drawn to landscapes that remind me of a place I have been that was calm and beautiful. I am drawn to subjects in nature, a close up shot of that landscape. And sometimes, I'll just say, “I like that", and I'll draw it and paint it or print it.
I create art to calm my soul. The world just relentlessly dishes out life and I react and adjust, and I take all of it in and let some go and hold on to too much. While there are many avenues of release, the best outlet for me is to go into the art studio and create. Sometimes the results are good and sometimes they are not, the important thing is that I went through the process. At the end of of the process I have a piece of art. If it turned out well I'll share it with you.